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  Thrive With 5 

Think Habits, Not Body Size

Your Health Coaching Plan for Chronic Disease

Changing your mindset from judging to observing yourself has the power to set off a cascade of actions to ditch perfectionism and focus your energy on nourishing your body and soul.  

I believe that reshaping and creating sustainable habits is the foundation of health and self-care. The medical community and society place too much emphasis on weight as a predictor of health and feeling your best. My goal is to empower you to embrace self-care and nutrition that is flexible and specific to you. 

I teach chronic dieters how to nourishes their bodies without rigged rules so they can lower their blood sugars, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Unlike other quick-fix methods that obsess over weight loss, I show my clients how to build sustainable habits so they can ditch perfectionism and create a lifestyle that is personalized and flexible so they can reclaim their health and reduce the need for medications.

You deserve to feel great, and you can start today by making an investment in YOU! 

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Investment Options 

  • Options of 4-12 months of support 

    • Access to 24/7 private messaging directly to Kerri
    • 12 Video Support Modules
    • 8 one-on-one coaching sessions 
    • Thrive with 5 framework for blood sugar control 
    • Shopping list, meal plans, recipe guides etc... 
    • Personalized written action plans for nutrition, exercise, and behavior change
    • online support circle

Book a Free Consult Call where we will spend time learning about you and create an action plan to start to manage your chronic health conditions. 

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