Start thriving, rather than just surviving 

Ditch the perfectionism and focus your energy on nourishing your body and soul. Embrace simple solutions to optimize your energy, health and confidence while lowering your risk for chronic diseases.

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15 minute strategy call to prepare you for my Anti-inflammatory Action Plan. 

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Anti-Inflammatory Action Plan

7 solutions to optimize energy while fighting disease

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Continue thriving by maintaining your anti-inflammatory action plan with customized one on one sessions. 

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Why Work With Me?

Hi, I'm Kerri your anti-inflammatory dietitian and personal trainer. I am here to help you ditch the perfectionism and focus your energy on nourishing your body and soul.

I help successful people struggling with metabolic issues such as high blood sugars, high cholesterol or weight gain embrace sustainable habits to reduce chronic inflammation, so they can optimize their energy and confidence in their bodies while they lower their risk for chronic diseases and reduce pain.  

I love PEARING up with clients to help them discover simple solutions so they can enjoy anti-inflammatory foods and embrace selfcare in a sustainable way. 

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What's in it for YOU?  

Learn more about how embracing anti-inflammatory eating can help you thrive.  

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What can you expect from your Anti-inflammatory Action Plan?

Your 7 solutions to optimize energy while fighting disease

Results Driven 

Optimized energy

Improved anti-inflammatory markers

Reduction in aches, pains and fatigued

Improved waist circumference

Embracing selfcare 

Body confidence 

Better relationship with food and your own body 

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7 Solutions

Anti-inflammatory guide

Formula for nourishment 

Meal planning guides

Shopping lists & recipes 

Exercise planning guide

4 Laws of Behavior Change 

Self compassion worksheet

Simplify & win the day worksheet 

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4 months program 

Bi-weekly one on one coaching sessions 

Private messaging – 24/7 access

Personalized written action plans for nutrition, exercise and behavior change

Review of lab work and additional testing recommendations

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Start thriving, rather than just surviving