"Pears cannot ripen alone. So we ripen together"

~ Meridel Le Sueur

Perfect Pear Coaching is a place to help people feel good about themselves, enjoy the food they eat and learn to love what their bodies can do for them.
Perfect Pear Coaching provides virtual coaching services lead by Kerri Hawkins a Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer.  This allows clients to easily engage in nutrition consultation without leaving their home or office, which can save time, energy and money. 
There are a variety of packages available to meet each clients individuals needs for support and accountability.

Pick Me!
Together We Make a Perfect Pear

For the past 15 years as a practicing dietitian and personal trainer, my clients have taught me what I consider the most important lesson of all… You (the client) know what you need!

That doesn’t mean you don’t need me or my services, but is means you are in charge of your body and out of everyone in this world you ultimately have the final say in what is right for you.

There are four virtual style packages offered where we “pear” up (yes I love a good food pun) to work toward that vision of what you consider “healthy” and feeling the best in your body. I am here to use science and behavior change to help you feel good! 
Package 1: Medical Nutrition Therapy
We will look at that specific chronic disease you are trying to prevent or manage. I will present the latest research and how strong the science to support those changes.
Package 2: Health Coaching
Health Coaching sessions are designed to create customized accountability. I will collaborate with the you to identify goals and action plans that maximize personal well-being and overall health. 
Package 3: Family Care
Family Care Session are designed to guide families on how to get on the same page when it comes managing wellbeing. Our sessions are not about weight loss or creating the perfect eating plan, rather they are centered around understanding what each member of the family values when it comes to their own personal health, nutrition, movement and wellbeing.
Package 4: Maintenance & Growth 
The Maintenance & Growth Package are designed to provide ongoing accountability, assessment and adjustment of progress to help you continued to grow and reach for your potential.
Recipes & Tips 


Life can get messy and busy, but that doesn't mean your health and wellness should be forgotten. Join me on my wellness journey as I share tips, recipes and insights into latest research on wellness.