November 29, 2017

Standing in the aisle of the grocery store looking at all the brands of cereal with a puzzled look on your face. Phrase flash before your eyes “whole grain, high fiber, low sugar, smart choice, all natural, organic, good source of fiber…” Ahhhh what does

this all mean!?! 

It means turn that package over! 

The nutrition fact label is where the truth will lie. However even nutrition fact labels can sometimes be puzzling. I picked up a simple solutions from a colleague of mine, Dr.Wayne Altman, which now has been dubbed it the “Altman Rule“. The Altman Rule is a clever trick to simplify label reading when it come to sugar, protein and fiber. 

To use the Altman Rule:

(1) Located the grams of sugar, protein and fiber on the food label. Also be sure to check the serving size.

(2) Make sure the product has at least 3 grams of fiber or more.  (Exception will be yogurt) 

(3) Add the grams of protein with the grams of fiber.

(4) Compare the grams of protein + grams of fiber total, to the total...

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February 13, 2019

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