What is Perfect Pear Coaching? 

Perfect Pear Coaching offers virtual nutrition, fitness and overall wellness consulting services focused on boosting energy, achieving wellness goals, and improving overall health by optimizing food choices, and behavior change. Our approach is focused on individuals needs and creating a plan that is approachable and sustainable. 

How does a session work: 


Perfect Pear Coaching provides convenient access to an educated and trained Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer using virtual meetings (HIPAA*-compliant platform). This allows clients to easily engage in nutrition consulting without leaving their home or office, which can save time, energy and money. 

Session take the focus off of "dieting" and help clients create a sustainable lifestyle with on going support and accountability.  

There are a variety of packages available to meet each clients individuals needs for support and accountability. Book a session today!

*HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) protects personal health information

Pick Me!
Together We Make a Perfect Pear

There are two ways you can work with Kerri Hawkins, a Registered Dietitian:

(1)Telehealth Services:  Perfect Pear Coaching

Virtual meetings allow clients to easily engage in nutrition consulting without leaving their home or office. Saves time, energy and money! Self-pay services offered with a variety of packages.

Book your session today!

(2) Office In- Person Visits:

Meet with Kerri in person, in a more traditional medical office setting. Most insurance are accepted, but verification is recommended.


Family Practice Group (www.FPGCARES.com)

11 Water Street, Arlington MA 02476



Arlington, Massachusetts 


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