To help people to feel good about themselves, enjoy the food they eat and learn to love what their bodies can do for them.


For the past 15 years as a practicing dietitian and personal trainer, my clients have taught me what I consider the most important lesson of all… You (the client) know what you need! Each individual has to find what is right for their lives and bodies. Take what you know and PEAR it up with what I know to create sustainable plans to help you reach your goals and potential. ​

I am not here to tell you how to be better or what you must change or what you should prioritize in your life. Rather I view our relationship has a partnership, where we “pear” up (yes I love a good food pun) to work toward that vision of what you consider “healthy” and feeling the best in your body. I am here to use science and behavior change to help you feel good!

I am not going to prescribe a meal plan, not going to use fad diets or set unattainable bench marks. What I am going to do for you, is be there as a support, wealth of knowledge, an expectation manager and accountability partner. Those things I know produce outcomes but not only improve health, but also make you feel good! And honestly that is why I became a dietitian in the first place, I want people to feel good about themselves, enjoy the food they eat and learn to love what their bodies can do for them. 

What do I do:

  • Teach people how to use food and movement to manage their health

  • Coach people on how implement and do the things they want to improve their lives and lifestyle

  • Hold people accountable in an approachable and kind way

  • Use science to help people use food/movement as medicine to make their health and lives better

How do I do it:

  • Motivational interviewing

    • the client knows best and what they want for themselves and their bodies

  • Science – MNT/Nutrition science/Behavioral health techniques to create/drive change

  • Virtual sessions

    • Printed plans/materials

    • Set virtual packages

    • Maintenance sessions

  • Additional support

    • You Tube Videos

    • Podcast information updates

    • Test message check ins

    • Webinars – Series

Why do I do it:

  • To empower people to take charge of their health and lives

  • Make people happy with who they are and bring enjoyment to life, food and movement

  • To build people’s confidence in themselves so they can love who they are in that moment, yet still help them reach for their potential 

  • Deliver costumer service that is superior that uses modern technology